Termographic analysis

Work civile

Thermography is a completely non-invasive investigation based on the survey of the radiation that a body, with a temperature above absolute zero (T> 0 ° K), is capable of emitting in the infrared range. The instrument used for the survey is an infrared camera, which is capable of detecting the radiation of the target framed in each point and to convert it to a given temperature (given the emissivity of the material). The temperature field may be studied on a visible image, called thermogram, in false colors. From the thermogram it is possible to identify the thermic anomalies.

The thermographic technique is applicable in the civil , monumental and industrial sector, in which it offers the greatest potential.


Typical applications of the industrial sector:

  • the preparatory investigation to the preventive maintenance of the plant, both on the electrical components and on the mechanical ones;
  • the prevention of fire risk of critical facilities;
  • research and development.

 Typical applications of the civil and monumental sector:

  • Surveydetached plaster;
  • Survey moisture infiltration and related deterioration;
  • Survey textures wall;
  • Survey crack patterns;
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