Services in the civil and industrial fields

Civil sector

Geological and geotechnical Consulting;
  • Geological and geotechnical Consulting;
  • Seismic site characterization;
  • Applied Geophysics with geoelectric surveys and Ground Penetrating Radar.
  • Topographic and geometric survey;
  • Laser scanner acquisitions;
  • Survey of crack patterns;
  • Computerized thermography investigation for energy saving and for the mapping of the detachment of clinker coatings, stoneware coatings and plaster.
Foundational excavations and investigation of the foundation system of buildings.
Pachometer analysis
  • Pachometer analysis;
  • Sclerometric analysis;
  • Ultrasonic analysis and SonReb method;
  • Pull-out test;
  • Explorative sampling tests;
  • Sampling of concrete by core drilling and and mechanical analysis of reinforcing steel samples;
  • Survey of carbonation of the concrete and oxidation of the reinforcing steel.
Investigation of masonry
  • Test with single and double flat jack;
  • On site masonry shear test site;
  • Coring and micro-core drilling;
  • Endoscopic investigations;
  • Thermographic investigations;
  • Dynamic test for the determination of the tension instructural metal chains;
  • Sonic tests;
  • Sclerometer test and penetrometer test of the mortar;
  • Collection and laboratory thin section analysis, microscopic analysis.
Ultrasonic test
  • Mapping of degradation;
  • Resistograph© analysis;
  • Ultrasonic test;
  • Visual analysis and verification of the moisture percentage;
  • Sampling and analysis of microscopic laboratory.
  • Static transduction electronic instruments;
  • Continuous data acquisition and remote view or with glass and biffe. Static load tests with tanks and dynamics with accelerometers.
Static and dynamic load tests Static load test with tank and dynamic load tests with accelerometers

Industrial sector

Thermographic investigations Thermographic surveys for preventive maintenance of industrial plants.

Structure sector

  • Finite element modeling;
  • Structural calculation and verification of masonry structures;
  • Structural calculation and preparation of processed executive structures of steel or concrete.