Load tests - Static and Dynamic

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Load tests are designed to identify the correspondence between the theoretical and the real behavior of structures, helping the structural engineer to assess the security and stability of the works being investigated under operating loads.

As required by the Technical Standards for Construction, testing can be performed on structures of new construction or on existing structures. In this case, the safety assessment is necessary in order to estimate the reduction in the strength capacity of the structure caused by exceptional events (earthquake, fire, explosion, etc.) or in the case of a change of intended use of the structure resulting in different operating loads or for expertise required to evaluate the presence of design errors.

The load can be applied to the structure by means of PVC tanks of different sizes, gradually filled with water until distributed unit load is reached. In specific cases it is possible to apply the stress by means of concentrated loads (bags of cement or other material, modular blocks of cement, hydraulic jacks contrast, etc.).

The survey of the movements is performed by means of electronic deformometer with centesimal precision, fixed on a telescopic rods and connected to a data acquisition unit with a dedicated software, which allows both the reading of the displacements in real time and the storage of data for subsequent processing in office.

The Giancarlo Maselli Srl, in the case of structures of particular relevance, is able to integrate the classic static load tests with dynamic tests with accelerometers, responding to the needs of the client.

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