GeoRadar Investigation

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The technology of the Ground Probing Radar (GPR), compared to classical techniques (direct surveys), offers a number of benefits including the velocity of data collection and its "non-destructive" feature.

 The GPR or Geo-Radar works with to electromagnetic impulses; it is a technologically advanced system, able to investigate land and materials with remarkable detail (albeit with limits in the depth of investigation dependent on the type of material to be investigated).

The basic results of the analysis consists of vertical sections that visually illustrate the trends of the discontinuities present in the medium investigated (generally the subsoil or structures) thus allowing to detect the presence of metal materials, concrete foundations, remains of masonry buildings, pipes of any material (plus the possibility of mapping the underground services), cables, cavity, leakages and inhomogeneity of various nature.

The technique is also applicable in any direction, it is therefore possible to work upward (controls on galleries) or horizontally (excavation faces, pillars, underground tunnels, etc.).

In addition to afore speed of execution and material section display, the Geo-Radar offers, the significant advantage of being able to carry out in-situ checks while operating machines are ready to work, ensuring "real-time" reply about the discontinuities of the investigated material.

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