Endoscopic analysis

Work civile

Endoscopy is a non-destructive technique of visual inspection. The test shall include, after the realization of a small hole, the survey of the morphological characteristics and the constructive section of structural elements (typically floors or masonry walls). The instrument consists of a small probe connected to an optical light source with which to document the test by direct acquisitions of images or videos within the endoscopic hole. Typical applications are:

  • the visual survey of the stratigraphy of the masonry;
  • the survey of a wall section, preliminary to the determination of the thermic transmittance, when the constituent elements are not known;
  • internal inspection of holes, grooves or lesions of the structures;
  • survey thickness and stratigraphy of the floors;
  • inspection of floors and ceilings;
  • the inspection of air-conditioning plants, ventilation plants or tubes of small diameter.
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